Jesse Gallegos is a filmmaker at heart. He is an actor, a fight choreographer, assistant director, and a writer, although he likes to think of the hours he spends collaborating as "intuitive storytelling". He has assisted in the creative process of a wide array of plays, commercials, feature/short films, and television shows.

Jesse has undergone extensive training for many years, crafting his acting and fight choreography throughout college in several performances including lead roles in Oklahoma, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Bye Bye Birdie, and Titanic the Musical, as well as multiple combat training camps alongside Mark Guinn, director of theater at LA Tech and Fight master of Society of American Fight Directors.



He is a part time director for children's plays in central Louisiana and teaches stage and film combat at local college theatre departments. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre & Communication Arts from Louisiana College.

Jesse is long time collaborator with award winning commercial cinematographer and director, Khayyam Khan, who was a producer of "Class Rank", starring Kristen Chenoweth and associate producer of "All Mistakes Buried", starring True Blood's Sam Trammell. "All Mistakes Buried" (formerly known as The Aftermath) had its premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.